Friday, 14 March 2014

A Synopsis for Further Out

Steeped in the milieu of Regina’s inner city, Further Out’s somewhat unlinear narrative tracks Erin, Wanda and Reese (Blue Eyes) as their archs converge in a final violent act. Its antiheroine, Erin, is a young woman cut adrift from a childhood drowning in her mother’s “oceanic despair” into an equally tumultuous adulthood. Lacking moral anchor, driven by an antipathy for authorities, her obsession with the animal abusers and sexual predators she sees everywhere turns to vigilantism. After one such escapade goes wrong and lands her on a psychiatric ward, she meets Wanda, a 16-year-old punk-influenced Métis misfit. The two form a bond, at first opportunistic on Erin’s part, that joins them in the quest for justice. It is in opposition to Reese, the brother of a childhood friend and perpetrator of animal cruelty, that Erin first comes to identify with the weak. And so it is fated that they should meet again.

While its subject matter will be too boring for some (lovers of gore and cruelty) and not boring enough for others (haters of “mature” subject matter, e.g. violence, profanity), hopefully someone will have a Goldilocks moment and find it exactly the right amount of boring.

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